Had a craving for jerk chicken. Found this place on yelp because it was close to the house. We came in and we were immediately welcomed by the staff with friendly conversation. I ordered the large jerk chicken and my husband got the large oxtail. We watched them prepare our plates after waiting a few minutes while they finished in the back with the chicken… And when I say it all looked so good… It looked so amazing!!! They even gave me some travel tips for Jamaica since we are planning a trip there this year. We got it to-go and ate it at home… we both tried each other’s meal. I loooved the chicken… the sauce was so good with it. The cabbage, delicious. Plenty of rice & peas and plantains on the side . His oxtail was FIRE… flavorful and tender. I can’t wait to go back and order the oxtail next time. And maybe some chicken on the side too ‍ lol. All of it was just GOOD AF!!!

A++ for the food and A++ for the customer service.